V5.3 4-May-2020
– Beta testing LandpageCC Domain Registration
– Can support LTD as,(.asia, .cloud, .com, .net, .online, .site, .space, .website)
– Enhance security, login reCapthca challange

V5.2 3-May-2020
– Added CORS scripts to header
– Solve all account user Elementor CORS issues
– Minor Update

V5.1 1-May-2020
– Update to WordPress 5.4.1
– Plugins Update

V5.0 27-April-2020
– Install new Cloud Cache
– Launch LandpaceCC Academy
– User can learn how to use LandpageCC

V4.0 22-April-2020
– Install DIY builder at
– User can now build D.I.Y HTML page
– Add new features

V3.0 19-April-2020
– Fix CORS on Elementor
– Introduce new builder plugin (LandpageCC Builder)
– User can now build a landing page with one-click

V2.0 23-Mar-2020
– LandpageCC migrate to Cloud Server
– Solve domain sync API
– Solve multiple domain SSL
– Major bug fixed

V1.0 03-Mar-2020
– Beta launch LandpageCC

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